True north outpost

W5768 Old Piers Gorge Road.
Norway, MI. 49870



We strive to offer the safest, highest quality U.P. outdoor experience without breaking the bank. You will get to see, hear & feel Michigan's Upper Peninsula with others that love this place as much as you will. 

Our store offers one of a kind art and decor from local U.P. artists as well as True North, Upper Peninsula, Piers Gorge, & Norway MI. gear! We will definitely be your one stop U.P. shop for all the things you are looking for!

If you’re into the more extreme side of adventure we offer wet and wild raft rides through Piers Gorge on the breathtaking Menominee River with our friends at Northwoods Adventures.

Are you looking to challenge your body in a safe and exciting way? We have an indoor rock climbing wall that is sure to push you to reach for the top! With climbing for everyone from the first timer and children to the more seasoned veteran climbers. Base Camp Climbing Gym at True North Outpost is unlike anything else you will find in the U.P.

If a relaxing tour through the local rivers and lakes is more your style then you’re in luck! With our stand up paddle board, canoe and kayak rental you can hit the water fast and worry free. Want to travel the U,.P. with your rental boat? No worries. You can rent for the day, or even the week. We even offer bike rentals if you would rather just stick to the land!


Brands Offered

Yooper Nuts — Fire roasted nuts and delicious treats made by yoopers!

Grand Trunk — High Quality hammocks ready to hit the road and keep you hanging and sleeping with ease.

TNO Gear — Our brand made with you in mind. High quality, comfortable, wallet friendly goods to take on your next adventure.

Black Diamond — Weather its on the trail, on the mountain, or in the snow, Black Diamond has your back.



Location HISTORY

True North Outpost was originally part of the Cassinova-Morosini Farm that began in the 1890’s.  The original structure was a small stone building that was built into the side of a hill about ½ mile west of where the Outpost is today.  That stone building is still in existence and can be seen from Piers Gorge Road. 

The Cassinovas also built a brick farmhouse about ½ mile west of the Outpost while the Morosinis built the house that became the Outpost.   In its prime, the home was beautiful, complete with a high sloping roof and a two story wrap around porch.  Originally the highway was on the opposite side of the house, so the side that is the front today was originally the rear of the house.

Over the years the house has served as a farm home, a boarding house, and even became home to an escaped circus monkey for years.  The house fell vacant after a tragedy in the 1980’s and by the mid-1990’s had fallen into disrepair.  It sat forgotten for over twenty years, gradually rotting past what was considered salvageable.  It stood as an icon of another era, and captured the imagination of countless passersby as the roof sagged, the walls began to buckle, and the foundation began to crumble.  In 2018, we were given the remarkable opportunity to save this amazing piece of history. 

The only way it was feasible to restore this structure was by re-purposing materials salvaged from defunct sawmills, fallen barns, a hospital slated for demolition, and even treated lumber from an old industrial site. 

We’ve poured everything we could into this home to give it new life and a chance to see another century pass.  Come visit to be a part of this incredible story and explore the intricacies and nuances that make this place what it is.  We hope to see you soon....



"This place is exactly what this area needs?" — David Shampo

"True North Outpost is everything we ever wanted!" — Steven H. Macy Family

"An unforgettable time that inspires a new relationship with the outdoors " — City Gazette

"No better way to spend a weekend than with adventure and good friends. " — Hicks Globe

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