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FAQ : Climbing

Q: What do i need to do to climb at True North’s Base camp climbing gym?

A: All you need to do is show up. You can also check out packages and book online HERE. We are well set up for first-time indoor climbers.  Next thing to do to save on time is sign our online waiver HERE. If you bring anyone under 18 they absolutely must have a waiver filled out by their parent or court appointed legal guardian. Finally check our availability that day. You can do that after you choose your package on our climbing page.

Q: why climb?

A: Indoor rock climbing is a full body workout. The common misconception that climbing is all about upper body strength is COMPLETELY FALSE. The combination of balance, movement and economy of strength are much more important. More than anything, rock climbing is fun. It combines the physicality of sport with the analysis of logic games and the mental control of tightrope. And at True North Outpost we believe anyone can learn to climb.

Q: who can climb?

A: Anyone. One of the great things about climbing is that anyone can excel. Unlike many sports in which only specific body types can excel (like height in basketball) anyone can rock climb. Also, because of the slow, controlled movements involved with indoor rock climbing, many climbers can continue into their 60’s, 70’s, and above. Our staff is here to help you in any way we can to get you on the wall and having a good time.

Q: your a bouldering gym. what is bouldering?

A: Bouldering is a fast-growing and social style of rock climbing. Climbers do not use ropes or harnesses, but scale shorter walls above a thick, padded floor. There is very little special knowledge or equipment required to start bouldering, making it fast and easy to learn and enjoy.

Q: what should i bring?

A: You should wear loose comfortable athletic clothing and comfortable socks. If you have long hair bring something to tie it back. Rental shoes for indoor rock climbing are available for $5. (climbing shoes are subject to availability)

Q: can i just drop the kids off and get them later?

A: Only if your kids are 14 years and older. If your kids are 13 and under, DIRECT parental supervision is required. Parents are required to notify the manager on duty before leaving their children at Base Camp Climbing Gym. Unattended children 13 years and younger will not be allowed to climb or be in the gym area.

4 years and under can climb within arm’s length of their supervising adult. Each adult can only supervise two children this young at a time.

5-7 years old can climb under direct supervision (can see and hear them at all times) of an adult. Each adult can only supervise two children this young at once.

FAQ : Canoe, Kayak, Paddle Board Rentals

Q: Are Kayaks, Canoes and Paddle boards safe?

A: Our kayaks, paddle board and canoes are very stable and are easy to use for a wide range of ages and sizes. Fear not! Our knowledgeable rental staff will help you choose the right boat or paddle board for your adventure.

Q: do i need to be in good physical shape to enjoy this equipment?

A: All our boats/paddle boards require physical work, but participants do not have to regularly exercise to enjoy their experience. Renters of all sizes and ages generally enjoy their experience on local lakes and rivers in our boats.

Q: Do i need a life jacket or helmet?

A: We provide paddles, helmets and life preservers for each renter. 

Q: IS THERE AN age limit for kids on the water?

A: No. As long as parents are on the water with the children and feel comfortable taking them, we allow children of all ages. We do require children to wear life jackets and have sizes specifically for youth and children, in addition to adult life jackets. 

Q: what if i fall out of my boat or paddle board?

A: You might, but most boaters and paddle boarders do not. Don’t expect to fall in, but be prepared to fall in. Leave behind anything you don’t want to get wet. If you fall off your board, do not linger in the water. It is very easy to get back on the SUP boards from the water. For tips on boat safety and what to do if you fall out ask our rental staff when you come to get your gear.

Q: do i need a reservation?

A: You may walk in and rent any of our equipment at any time depending on availability. But making a reservation is a easy way to ensure you get exactly what your looking for.

Q: can you help me load my equipment?

A: We will carry your equipment to your car, but we do not offer any assistance putting it on your vehicle. Your vehicle is important to you and to us. We will however assist in you in the best ways to attach your equipment to your vehicle.

FAQ : bike Rentals

Q: do you take cash or checks for bike rentals?

A: No, we require a credit card for renting bikes as well as identification from each renter.

Q: Where do i ride?

A: We have a plethora of maps and advice in the shop. As well as a local trail system that starts 500 yards down the road from the outpost. All you have to do is ask.

Q: do you have a way i can put my bike on my car?

A: We offer a hitch rack (2″ hitch, 2 or 4 bikes). Be very careful transporting bikes as you are responsible for damages.

Q: Do i need a helmet?

A: We will supply you with a helmet for your bike. We also offer children’s helmets for the little ones.